Fee Structure

The owner of a Unit at The Hamlet will pay a site fee.

The fee will be $98.95 per week which includes GST (GST is calculated at 10% for for the 1st 28days thereafter at 5.5%); this fee is for up to 2 occupants. The fee covers the following services which the owners of The Hamlet will provide:
  • The right to occupy the site
  • Surrounds up-keep
  • Supply of Water
  • Electricity to a Maximum usage of 500 kilowatts within a 28 day period (an additional fee will apply above this threshold)
  • Security, due to the area being separately fenced. The area will also be patrolled and at the beginning of Stage 2 a boom gate with access control will be installed.
  • Set guidelines for standards and expectations for living at the Hamlet.
  • Collection of Garbage, Recyclables (papers, cardboard, bottles, plastics, etc)
  • Disposal of garden refuse
  • Mail collection
The payment of a site fee may entitle an owner/s to a payment of rental assistance, an occupant should check with the relevant Government department to ascertain whether or not this is appropriate.
There will not be a body corporate or body corporate fees. Every occupant will be issued with a document titled "Guidelines and Standards for - the Hamlet Alexandra.
It should be noted that, initially, Geof & Jan Sargent (as owners) will pay the GST difference between the 10% and 5.5% on the first 28 days fees.
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Fee Structure

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