Stages for Development

Development of the hamlet project is being implemented in stages.
Once the infrastructure is completed for the total of sites for a stage then the sites in that stage will be available for a buyer to erect a unit on.
We will not move into the next Stage unless the existing Stage is completed.
The Infrastructure of sites will take place, in 6 Stages. The staged development is projected as follows:
  • Stage 1 - 6 sites (to be released on 9th September 2006)
  • Stage 2 - 7 sites
  • Stage 3 - 6 sites
  • Stage 4 - 5 sites
  • Stage 5 - 6 sites
  • Stage 6 - 7 sites


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Stages for Development

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It appears that the sites proposed will not exceed the 37 sites as outlined in the aforementioned projection. The Shire of Murrindindi has an easement to accommodate drainage around the perimeter of the development which is 15 metres wide. Provision has been made for this area to be used as a common area for the Hamlet community.
When stage 3 is completed (after 19 units are sold) it is proposed to erect an in ground swimming pool which will be heated and fully enclosed. At the same time a Common Room (or Community Hal) is proposed.
Due to these facilities being available from Stage 4 onwards it is intended that any purchaser from this stage and beyond will pay a premium cost of an additional (once only) $5000 expense to cover the pool and hall.