The Concept
A village has been established as a division of Alexandra Tourist Park, 5016 Maroondah Highway, Alexandra, Vic 3714, by the owners, Geof & Jan Sargent. The name of the village is The Hamlet "Alexandra"
The village objective is to provide an alternate, affordable style of housing to singles or couples. The concept makes excellent appeal to retired or near retired person/s whose children no longer live with them.
How does it work?
A brand new unit can be purchased which is designed to fit into the community style of living being offered. It will be built by a Registered Builder who will build the unit from a design agreed with Geof & Jan Sargent which must be within the specified size approved to be located for the project.
A deposit of 10% of the purchase price is required prior to the unit being constructed. The balance of the total purchase money will be due on the unit's date of completion or alternatively on a mutually agreed date.
Normally a unit should be completed within 90 days; this term can make it easier for those wishing to sell their house. A prospective buyer should however confirm the number of days with the owners.


The Concept

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The unit is erected on a chosen site (depending on the stage of development) in the Hamlet, on occupation the owner of the unit will pay to the owners a Site Fee. This fee is payable in advance on a fortnightly basis.
The fee may entitle an owner/s to a payment of rental assistance, an occupant should check with the relevant Government department to ascertain whether or not this is appropriate.
How much would I need to Pay for a unit and what do I get?
Two bedroom units start from $111,800.00. As soon as your requirements are known you can make a request for a quote for your specified unit in accordance with the requirements of the village.
As soon as the unit has been paid for it becomes your property. If your circumstances were to change the unit could be shifted elsewhere (as it is an un-registered movable dwelling) or it could be re-sold on site to a purchaser approved by the owners. The purchase price includes the specified unit (refer section "The Units"), split system air-conditioning, carport (to the full length of the side of the unit it is attached to), floor coverings, base boards around entire unit, established garden, connection to water, electricity and town sewerage. The exterior vinyl cladding reduces maintenance costs.
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